Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gotta Cut Loose

Signs you live in a town that doesn’t allow dancing:

-People make fun of you for wearing a skinny leather tie to your first day at the new high school
-Hilarity ensues when you explain to your new friends the musical group Men at Work aren’t actually men working
-You are bullied into having a chicken fight with tractors
-You wear slutty red cowboy boots that symbolize how much you want to leave this crappy town
-Your daddy is John Lithgow
-You tell your daddy, John Lithgow, that you’re not even a virgin while yelling at him in church
-Your career tanked after the Fame TV show
-You convince John Lithgow to let you hold your senior dance just over the county line
-You finally realize that heaven helps the man who fights his fear and love's the only thing that keeps you here

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